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50 Dang Thi Nhu Street,
Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

+84 (0) 96 1539500

Every day: 3pm-12am

Two happy hours every day from 6-8pm and 11pm-12am.

The Story Behind 'Sealy'

Winking Seal Beer Co.™ began over a beer in 2016 with Co-founders brian kekich and Mark Nerney.

Our name comes from our co-founder’s childhood stuffed animal, Sealy, who lost an eye through years of love.

Today we are one of Vietnam's leading craft beverage companies with two established craft beer brands and beWater™, an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic-bottled water.

We acquired fellow brewery Three On A Bike Brewing Co.™ in 2017 to create one of the most diverse craft beer portfolios in the market and have continued to expand our brewery to become one of the largest, independently owned producers in the nation.

We believe in craft in all forms and married a passion for beer and brand with Indochine adventure-inspired ‘serious’ beers for ‘not so serious’ people, which create that moment of lift off when atoms and art collide in a glass, igniting a perfect storm.

Our Mission

To be the largest environmentally-friendly SE Asian canned water brand and one of the top five Vietnamese craft breweries by 2023.

We will get there by leveraging our vertically-integrated beverage ecosystem, powerful partnerships, passion, and people.

Our Values

Make something better, today

We're hungry, we're passionate, and we love tough problems and new challenges. You don't hear a lot of "I don't know how" or "I can't" with our team. When faced with a hurdle, we jump.

Cultivate raving fans

We create raving fans of our customers and of each other. If our customers aren't raving about our people and our products, then we have not achieved what we strive for.

Play for each other

Above all, we're a team. That means we show up for each other, act with empathy, and bring our authentic selves to work every day. We're growing this company not for own personal gain, but for each other.

Work ethic wins

We believe the teams willing to put in the extra effort, go the extra mile, and are accountable for their actions, will be the ones who see their visions and dreams realized.

Embrace change

We seek out, embrace, and get (un)comfortable in knowing that if we’re not continuously changing, evolving, and improving - we’re falling behind.

Enjoy the journey

We make sure our team feels appreciated, valued, and celebrated. We take the time to stop and acknowledge where we came from so that we don’t miss how impressive the climb is.

Do the right thing

What do you do when no one else is looking? Our teams act with integrity and focus on putting ourselves in the shoes of others. We operate with transparency and unwavering candor, honesty and respect.

Get it done

Our customers trust us to craft amazing products and we take that seriously. Our team will overcome obstacles, find solutions and deliver exceptional results. We hold ourselves accountable for outcomes, good and bad. And we don’t pass the buck.

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