Delivery Policy


Delivery can be made through any third party Delivery Service Providers selected by Winking Seal Beer Co.™.

Safe and secure packing and delivery of the product will be ensured by Winking Seal Beer Co™.

All steps to ensure safe and secure delivery of the order within the stipulated time of delivery will be jointly undertaken by Winking Seal Beer Co.™ and / or Delivery Service Providers.

No Liability will arise on Winking Seal Beer Co.™ or the Third Party in case of delivery of the order could not be undertaken by reasons of civil unrest, commotion, war, riots, Acts of God, strike etc.

Reasons of non-delivery of the consignment for reasons of Non-availability of the consignee, wrong address, insufficient address, No such Consignee etc will not cause any liability on us or the Third Party.

Delivery of products to destinations within our specified delivery regions within Ho Chi Minh City will happen through Winking Seal Beer Co™ delivery and / or Delivery Service Providers (e.g. Grab Delivery, Ahamove and GoViet).

Any complaints / issues regarding delivery of products ordered will be resolved within 1 day from the date of lodging the complaint.

Please email any comments or complaints to or by calling us at +84 (0) 96 1539500
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